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Understanding Reflexology

Our feet are mini maps of our bodies, which correspond to eight systems and organs of the body: skeletal, muscular, neurological, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, vascular and reproductive/urinary.


f you imagine a line drawn through the centre of the body there are five longitudinal lines on either side of the middle line. Through each of these lines/zones flows energy.

Energy can be interrupted due to an injury. Where the injury is present this disrupts the flow. Signals within the body are transmitted down through the energy lines to the feet. There they manifest as tiny grainy sand like nodules in the areas of the feet that correlate to the area of the body. 


Reflexology aims to break down these nodules by applying pressure through the use of specific finger and thumb techniques. Messages are then sent to your central nervous system and from there to different parts of your body. It can help to unblock energy pathways, encouraging a natural healing process whilst relaxing and improving circulation. Reflexology is a suitable treatment for anyone and of all ages. Men, women, from pregnancy, birth, tots, teens to later on in life.

What to Expect

Your first session will begin with a brief run through of your health history. The reflexology treatment usually lasts for I hour. Each reflexology session covers the entire foot in detail. However, if you have a specific condition that you would like support with, I will focus on the reflexes relating to it.

If I discover congestion, tightness or tenderness during the session, I will focus on bringing this area back into balance.


My clients love my reflexology, I have a gentle approach but a firm pressure. There is something incredibly reassuring about having so much love and attention placed on your feet. Many clients experience lightness or tingling in their body as well as feelings of warmth, a sense of “opening” or of energy moving up from the feet to the specific body organ that is being worked on at the time. At the end of each session you will leave with a sense of being nourished both physically and emotionally.

The number of treatments needed is determined by your health and reason for seeking reflexology.

An effect is felt after just one session but a course of 4-6 treatments is usually recommended.

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