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Reflexology For Natural Conception






Infertility can affect both men and women. There are many factors that can hinder a couple’s ability to conceive. Trying without success can lead to immense stress and anxiety and that in itself can have a detrimental effect on your reproductive organs..

How Does Reproductive Reflexology Work?

It is a structured reflexology programme that is used to enhance male and female natural fertility.

It is an excellent tool for rebalancing hormone levels to maintain or correct the menstrual rhythm.


It aims to improve sperm production and functionality.


It aims to assist any underlying conditions - male or female.


It uses structured and prescriptive treatment protocols supporting all forms of assisted conception.


It is one of the most effective forms of integrated medicine using results from medical tasting to measure improvements..​

Female issues

Reproductive Reflexology can be effective for many gynaecological disorders:

  • Endrometriosis (growth of endometrium tissue outside of the uterine cavity)

  • Polycystic ovaries and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)  ( irregular or absent periods, irregular ovulation.

  • Andometriosis (enlarged uterus, pain and heavy bleeding)

  • Menorrhagia (abnormally long and heavy bleeds) 

  • ​​Polymenorrheoa (frequent bleeding with a gap of fewer than 21 days between periods)

  • Oligomenorrhoea (infrequent cycles)

  • Fibroids (benign growths that develop in the uterus)

  • Salphingitis (an infection and inflammation of one or both of the fallopian tubes)

  • Secondary infertility.

  • Repeated miscarriage 

I am here to help.

Some couples are told that they have unexplained infertility, but more often than not, there is always an explanation, you just need to take more of a holistic approach.

Body basal temperature charting. (BBT)

Its very important for you to have a clear understanding as to whats happening with your menstrual cycle. The best way to do this is by charting over a three month period. This gives you a good indication as to when you are ovulating.

It can also give you a clear insight into any possible hormonal imbalances. i.e progesterone deficiency or a luteal phase defect. It is also a good tool to measure how well you are responding to reproductive reflexology. 

I recommend you use Fertility Friend as your method of charting. Click on this link.  Fertility friend

If we discover there is hormone imbalance then I can advise you on when is the correct time to have the relevant hormone checks done at your local clinic. and I can put together a reflexology treatment plan tailored to your needs.


As your reproductive reflexologist, I suggest we have an initial consultation. I will put together a programme that is best suited to you.

Hopefully with BBT charting and using structured techniques we hope to see a clear picture into what is happening with your fertility and more importantly we hope to see a positive change.

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Male issues

Male fertility is increasingly becoming more of an Issue. Sperm count has reduced by 50% in the last 20 years and men are showing increasing numbers of sperm abnormalities.


The quality of sperm can be affected by several things like smoking, stress, alcohol, recreational drugs etc, even healthy sperm will have some DNA damage, but it's the amount of damage that matters.

Men can make simple lifestyle changes to improve their sperm DNA quality if given the correct information, it could hugely improve the chances of a healthy conception.

Reproductive Reflexology is aimed at improving underlying conditions that may be affecting the function of sperm.

  • Stress

  • Endocrine imbalances

  • Prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland)

  • Varicocele (testicular varicose vein)

  • Hydrocele (fluid in scrotum surrounding testicle.

  • Sperm mobility.

  • Sperm mortality

  • Sperm morphology

  • Sperm DNA fragmentation issues.

  • Vasectomy reversal.

It is always a good idea to have a sperm analysis done prior to your appointment. If not, then we can chat about this during your consultation and I can give you advice on where and when to get this done

I would use a weekly treatment protocol, which aims to treat any underlying reproductive conditions, followed by specific reflexology techniques to help improve quantity and quality of sperm.

After 12 weeks of using specific reproductive reflexology techniques and making some lifestyle changes with the correct diet and supplements we hope to see significant improvements in the quantity and quality of sperm and to confirm this you will be asked to have further sperm analysis done again.

What will happen

Prior to your first consultation I will send a pre conceptive questionnaire which I will ask you both to complete. I would suggest that you come to the first meeting, together, so we can talk through any fertility issues and of course diet and lifestyle changes which could help to enhance your fertility.

Hopefully after all this amazing work in reproductive reflexology and possibly some lifestyle changes your chances of conceiving naturally are much higher

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