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Amy Poon, London SW

Lisa is the best reflexologist I have ever come across. Not only is she immensely knowledgeable of her practice but she has a very holistic, calm and caring approach, which makes her treatments even more effective.


She treated me throughout my pregnancy and I can honestly say she got me through it! She was also present at the birth of my daughter as my doula and in this capacity was an amazing, encouraging and dedicated support for both me and my partner.


I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough. Every time I have a treatment with Lisa, I always feel better.

Dr Nitya Khemka. London SW

Lisa is an incredible practitioner. I had a very bad lower back ache from the second trimester of my pregnancy and went to see Lisa at Viveka. What struck me almost immediately was that she seemed to really care and was clearly, very gifted. She brings an intuitiveness and strong practical knowledge to her healing. My back ache miraculously got better with a few sessions of reflexology. Subsequently, I requested that she stay with me as I was giving birth to my daughter. At the hospital, she was by my side for over fifteen hours, patiently relieving me of my anxieties and guiding me through the process of giving birth. She was very gentle but confident and knowledgeable and I am not exaggerating when I say that I owe her a debt of gratitude. I couldn’t have done it without her by my side!

Given her undeniable qualities of heart and mind, I would very highly recommend Lisa to expectant mothers.

Dana, London SE

I met Lisa when I was pregnant with my first child in 2009. I was following the Gentle Birth Method by Dr Gowri Motha and was recommended to have some reflexology sessions with Lisa. I’d never had reflexology before but I fell in love with it. Lisa was able to know exactly how I was feeling and any troubles I was experiencing, just by feeling my feet. By the end of the session, any sore points were eased away and I always felt better. I was hooked from the first session and became a regular client throughout my pregnancy. I could honestly feel the difference they were making, so I booked Lisa to be present through the birth of my son! Lisa worked on my feet for hours, continuously throughout my labour.


She was amazing! Truly! Not only was she able to quickly reduce the swelling in feet, she eased my pain and was such a comfort. Lisa is a natural healer with a warmth you rarely find. She’s a great listener, has a joyful spirit which is infectious and is just brilliant at her job. I didn’t really appreciate how good she was until she moved out of London and was too far for me to book her. For years I searched for a practitioner that could match her skills and have yet to find one. I’ve tried countless practitioners and none of them have even been close to her quality. I’ve never felt the difference that I felt with Lisa. 

I still live in SE London but will travel to Aldershot just to see her for a session. She’s honestly worth it. I always  tell people, you’ve not had real reflexology, until you’ve tried Lisa! 

Cannot recommend her highly enough.

Nicky Kane, Farnham

I started seeing Lisa during my first pregnancy and she had a innate way of making me feel totally relaxed. Her treatments fast became my little oasis of calm. 


I also saw her during my second pregnancy, where she worked her magic again and I continued to see her postnatally, which helped me tremendously.


I couldn't recommend Lisa more highly, she is friendly and warm, and a very talented reflexologist who provided invaluable support during and after my pregnancies.

Adriana Ennab, London SW

I have known Lisa since 2007 when I became pregnant with my 3rd child at the ripe old age of 45. I would see Lisa for reflexology and pregnancy massage on a weekly basis. I can honestly say that I don't know what I would have done without Lisa throughout that pregnancy.


With 2 other children it was not the easiest of times. Lisa was kind & helpful, THE best reflexologist I have ever had outside of Asia - having lived there for almost 10 years I should know!!


Lisa kept me calm, focused and balanced. I still see Lisa 11 years later on a regular basis, and have recommended her to all of my friends. They are all now Lisa reflex addicts.

Nealum Crookall, London SE


Lisa was a fantastic support and therapist during all of my pregnancies since 2007, through to 2010.

I met Lisa when I followed the Gentle Birth Method by Dr Gowri Motha and through her therapies of reflexology and lymphatic massages she made the journey very enjoyable and memorable - I am convinced it was her treatments that hugely contributed to my very gentle births which led me to having my third child at home.

Lisa is highly experienced. She understood and empathised and helped, during a very difficult first trimester with all of my pregnancies when I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum (severe morning sickness).

Lisa's treatments definitely helped and her special qualities made her unique, she is extremely kind and had huge empathy for what I was going through and her calmness and commitment was second to none. I would say that her reflexology treatments were the best I have ever had and having moved to the Isle of Man I do yearn for them! 

I couldn't recommend Lisa more highly, she is a very talented therapist who provided invaluable support to me and my family.

Anna Kemsley, Midwife at Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey

Had the most amazing reflexology session with Lisa. She has magic hands and I feel wonderful!







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