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About me.... I have over 23 years experience as a reflexologist. For many years I had the privilege to work alongside the inspirational Dr Gowri Motha, obstetrician and author of "The Gentle Birth Method", within the gentle birth method programme.

Having worked so closely with Gowri, I am fully trained to provide tailored reflexology and lifestyle advice to women during and post pregnancy.

My passion for my work led me to become a Birth and Post Natal Doula. I completed my training in 2008 with the well respected Obstetrician Dr. Michel Odent, who is widely recognised as the pioneer of water births in the western world. 

As a doula and reflexologist, I have attended many home and hospital births. I have the privilege of supporting mothers and fathers during and after the birthing process, through emotional, physical and educational support. 

I am also a Reproductive Reflexologist I help to assist couples on their fertility journey. My training within this specialist area enables me to help identify and address factors that may be hindering conception in both men and women.

I also see couples who are undergoing fertility treatment with conventional medical practitioners. I am qualified to work safely alongside, Clomid stimulation, IVF, IUI, ICSI as well with donor eggs and frozen egg transfer.

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Lisa Morton

Lisa Morton MAR, MARR 

I have been a reflexologist since 2003. 

I am a full member of the following associations:

Association of Reflexologist  (AOR), the largest professional body for reflexologist in the uk.


Association of Reproductive Reflexologist (ARR)

I received my reproductive reflexology training from one of the UK's leading experts in fertility reflexology 

Barbra Scott. 

NHS Register for Practioners


I have attended many other post qualification courses including Susanne Enzer (maternity reflexology) and Baby Reflex.

I am constantly developing my knowledge as a reflexologist in order to provide the best possible care for my clients.

If you have any questions about reflexology and how treatments could help you, I am happy to talk with you at anytime.

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